Gatwick Airside Operators Licence

The Airside Operators Licence (AOL) is a binding contract that is necessary to have in place if you intend to operate vehicles airside at Gatwick, as outlined in the Gatwick Airport Directives.

The application process ensures that your company has been awarded a contract that requires them to operate vehicles airside, has the correct insurance levels in place to do so, has prepared and understands the risk assessment for the work they intend to carry out in the airside environment, ensures the company are aware of their environmental obligations as well as a series of other validations.  It is in place as part of the airports' duty of care to all those that work there.

AIRDAT now processes all of Gatwick Airports Airside Operator Licence Applications on the airports' behalf, through its fully automated online system.

If you are a company looking to apply to operate vehicles airside at Gatwick for the first time, or a company renewing their AOL, you have found the right place and we are here to help you through that process.  We will provide all the support we can to help ensure that your documents are delivered to the Gatwick airport signatory, to a standard that will be ready for that all-important sign-off.

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