Payment method when AIRDAT manages the billing process

Payment method when AIRDAT manages the billing process

Effective July 2020

For Airports where AIRDAT manages the billing process, AIRDAT has improved the payment process to speed up and simplify the process for everyone. 

AIRDAT has always used Stripe, our chosen PCI compliant online payment provider trusted by global banks and stores, for card payments.

From July 2020, payment for transactions made in Passport, Onboard and VISA will be taken at the time of purchase via purchasing, credit or debit card using an advanced Stripe integration, or via 'credits' for those that wish to use a traditional invoice/purchase order system.  More information on purchasing and spending credits in Passport can be found here and in Onboard here

Payments on account will no longer be accepted. 

Frequently asked questions

Who does this impact?

Airports at which AIRDAT provide billing services.  This includes London Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport, Bristol Airport, Exeter Airport, Manchester Airport and London Heathrow. 

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, at the time of purchase on-screen, via an email and also in the 'History' and 'Purchases' areas of Passport and Onboard systems. 

Can I save my card details?

Yes. If you click the arrow in the top right of your Passport dashboard and then billing. You will see your card wallet. This is where you enter your card details and save them to use when making bookings. Alternatively, when making a booking you enter your card details and click the 'Save card for future purchases' button.

Are other payment methods still available?

Yes.  If you would like to pay via BACS with an invoice and a Purchase Order, accounts credits can be purchased. Once approved, can be used against purchases of training, licences and vehicle permits billed by AIRDAT. This process is fully automated and is available to any company. To find out more on this feature and how to apply for credits there are help guides for both Passport and Onboard or contact

I don't have a credit card - can you help?

Yes.  We have negotiated an offer with Equals Spend.  Equals provide purchasing cards and the associated approval software.  When applying, if you mention AIRDAT, they will waive the setup fees, and provide 3 cards to your business free of charge too - meaning it is completely free to get started. You can head here to register. Alternatively, you can use AIRDAT credits and pay via BACS (see section above) 

What do I need to do?

If you are already able to make payment for services via card there is nothing you need to do.  If you cannot, now is the time to make arrangements if you wish to continue to make purchases using AIRDAT's system.

What about billing for non-AIRDAT systems?

Where AIRDAT managing billing for items outside of AIRDATs systems (for example, Permit to Work), use of BACS payments and invoicing on account will continue.  However, if accounts are not paid within the terms, your account may become locked

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